What's my size? School shirt fitting guide.

A guide to choosing the right boys school shirt.

To find the right size school shirt for your child, you will need their collar measurement. To measure their collar, wrap the tape measure gently around the base of their neck. Put two fingers between the tape measure and their skin while you do this; this will ensure a more comfortable fit. Choose boys’ school shirts based on this measurement but do also check the chest measurement of the garment as well to make sure these two areas both fit. It’s better to have a comfortable, fitted chest and a slightly looser collar than a well-fitted collar and a chest that’s straining at the seams.

These Trutex measuring guides can be applied to all shirts on our site.

Boys Shirt Fitting Guide

Boys’ shirts are fitted using collar size as a general rule. Please check individual listings for information on fit. We sell a range of slim, regular and generous fit shirts. Chest sizes, where possible, will be shown on each listing should you want to check this before purchase.

Click the link below to download a printable A4 size chart for Trutex Boys School Shirts