What's my size? Poloshirt and sweatshirt fitting guide.

A guide to choosing the right size poloshirt and sweatshirt.

To find the right size polo shirt or sweatshirt for your child, you will need find their chest size.

To take your child’s chest measurement, measure around the fullest part of their chest. For younger children, place the tape measure a few inches below their armpit and measure their chest there. For older children, particularly girls, the fullest part of their chest might be a little lower. Your child will be able to tell you what feels comfortable to them. Be sure not to pull the tape measure too tight as this can lead to buying shirts or blouses which are too small and strain at the buttons.

Poloshirts & Sweatshirts Fitting Guide

* Children vary across age groups and this should only be used as a guide. Sizing steps vary across suppliers so please take your child's chest measurement and reference the individual sizing guides on these listings.

Click the link below to download a printable A4 size chart for poloshirts and sweatshirts